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Guns and Survivors

In order to try to calm my feelings of anxiety and dread for Monday that I mentioned in my first blog post, and that has been getting increasingly worse as the week has progressed, I’ve been watching a lot of movies and shows on Netflix. One series that I’ve been enjoying is Survivors, a British show that aired on the BBC. One thing that has been growing more and more noticeable to me as I’ve continued to watch seems to be a very large cultural difference between Great Britain and the U.S. when it comes to guns.

Now if Survivors had been a U.S. show, there would be no doubt that the survivors of an apocalypse of any sort would be using guns in their arsenal against all the thugs, murderers, and raiders that would be taking advantage of a very lawless situation. But in this show, I have been astounded numerous times how often the main characters are threatened by thugs using guns, and they somehow manage to survive and thrive nearly gun-free.

There is one character who had been in prison before the virus wiped out most of the population and at some point, he is able to obtain a shotgun. Not to use against his allies, mind you, but against the same gun-wielding thugs that had been threatening them, not to mention other dangers. But oh my, the uproar his having a shotgun caused among his allies! I was literally astounded that they would be so adamantly against using any weapons they had available considering all of the dangers of their situation.

For as much as I’m enjoying the show so far, this anti-gun view seems unrealistic and naive, especially in a completely lawless situation where there are no gun regulations. Since Great Britain does have very restrictive gun laws, it might be more difficult for ordinary citizens to find guns  when the world falls apart, but what’s with the attitude once they do find one and they finally have some protection from the criminals who are already loaded down with such weapons and have no qualms about using them? If this had been a real survival situation and not a TV show, most of those people wouldn’t have lasted a week while depending on the goodness of raiders and thugs not to shoot them. I guess I just have more of a Fallout mindset where you stock up on the guns and ammo as well as water, rations, and other odds and ends because it’s best to be prepared for whatever may happen.

Either the producers of this particular show have some sort of anti-gun agenda to present to viewers, or it’s more of a cultural difference and the average citizen of Great Britain wouldn’t find it to be unusual at all, while to me the attitude is just puzzling given the situation.

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  1. Celesteral says:

    The lack of guns on those shows is a lot different compared to what we are used to seeing on tv and sometimes even children’s tv here.

    I prefer to watch a lot of the British shows (when I remember to watch tv), they are just more enjoyable to me compared to the rubbish on tv here 🙂

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