"The light shall give the dark of the matter, and new paths shall open to you." - Ravel Puzzlewell

Wrong Choice?

Hrrm, maybe I should have voted for Mitt Romney….

5 Responses to Wrong Choice?

  1. Rakuno says:

    Definitely. Who wouldn’t want to live in a zombie apocalypse?

    which makes me wonder…. If a Zombie Apocalypse started over there and it could only spread through land, by the old traditional zombie bite, how fast it would get here?

    Just a hypothetical question. I am not asking just to know how much time I would have to prepare for it. *coughs*

  2. Rebecca says:

    Best get started now! You know some of those zombies will cheat and use airplanes. 🙂

  3. Celesteral says:

    *works on her l33t Parkour skills*

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